22 May 2022

The Perfect Investment Opportunity

SOHO Resort is the first and tallest high-rise building in Paphos, located in the heart of the most sought-after seafront area. The SOHO Resort is right across the most popular beach, near the beautiful harbour, and close to all amenities.

A truly unique luxury residential resort with unrivalled opulent apartments, duplexes, penthouses, residential villas with private pools, and a 16-story branded 5-star hotel.

The architecture of this eagerly anticipated development includes organic lines and natural curves topped with the Resort’s elegant futuristic silhouette that reflects a sense of luxury and comfort and stands out without disturbing the surrounding landscape.

SOHO Resort’s 20 spectacular and spacious villas are considered the truly exceptional choice for the discerning resident who only seeks the best. The contemporary design will captivate you with ample open spaces and luxurious finishes making this project an ideal investment in Cyprus property.

Enveloped in Elegance

SOHO Resort will undoubtedly become a landmark in Paphos. It is here to redefine luxury and redefine innovation in ground-breaking and record-breaking ways. The towers will be known not only for their height but also for providing excellent service to all residents.

SOHO Resort is not only here to stay, but it also offers a wide range of services. It has arrived to soar!

Relish in Luxury

SOHO Resort is not just about looking good. It offers a living experience that cannot be matched or surpassed. Residents can enjoy the private swimming pool, sports facilities, park, playground, and stunning gardens and escape from the stress and routine of everyday life whenever they like. Need to delight in a drink or grab a quick bite? Restaurants, cafes, and bars are all at your service! So enjoy your SOHO experience!

Embrace the Good Life

We all appreciate the good things in life. A walk to the beach, an hour of exercise we enjoy, a lazy coffee in the sun, quality family time, and a break from our hectic lives. All of this and more are possible at SOHO Resort. You can live your life as if you're on vacation 365 days a year.

This is the place to unwind, relax, recharge, and enjoy life! SOHO's private services and outdoor facilities ensure that you feel at ease and at home.

SOHO Resort is a project consisting of 2 towers, the West Tower consisting of 15 floors and 50 apartments, and the East Tower, consisting of 16 levels and 68 apartments.

The project includes 12 shops, a gym, a spa, and a swimming pool and is surrounded by 20 large, modern, and luxurious villas.

The towers' graceful silhouette stands out without disrupting the natural scenery, rather elevating it, adding a modern touch of elegance to everything. Its innovative and advanced design defies convention and provides a unique perspective for inhabitants and spectators.

How much natural light, air, and views can each story of a structure have? All of them, according to SOHO!

Every room in the SOHO Resort is curated to maximize the area's breathtaking vistas. Both towers are immersed in the beautiful Cypriot sunshine and sea breeze, making every square meter of this building inviting and remarkable.

Soho Apartments

So why Cyprus?

Cyprus is an EU country that feels like an exotic island! A “golden-green leaf thrown into the Sea” in the words of the Greek Cypriot poet Leonidas Malenis and the birthplace of Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of beauty, Cyprus is the third largest Mediterranean island.

  • Location – Southern Europe
  • EU Member since 2004
  • Language – Greek
  • English Widely Spoken
  • Mediterranean Climate
  • Currency – Euro

The Island

Nestled between three continents and at a cultural, linguistic, and historic crossroads between Europe and Asia, Cyprus comprises tall mountains, fertile valleys, and a 640-km coastline with long sandy beaches. With the city of Nicosia being the country’s capital, Limassol and Paphos are the next two largest cities on the island.

A country of impeccable natural beauty and rich culture, the centre of international transit trade, merchant shipping, banking, and related services, Cyprus is considered the ideal choice for investment and business opportunities, as it is an advanced, high-income economy, a member of the EU & eurozone, with a very high health standard and a very low crime rate. Cyprus is the perfect option for ex-pats as well, as the English language is widely spoken, and the country is well-known for its excellent educational system.


Blessed with a warm Mediterranean climate, Cyprus enjoys as many as 340 days and an average of 2,700 to 3,500 hours of sunshine per year, meaning that an average December in Cyprus has more sunshine than an average May in London!

With average temperatures of 12C˚ in winter and 33C˚ in summer, Cyprus experiences hot, dry summers and mild winters, with the usual snowfalls at the top of the Troodos Mountains.


Discover Cyprus's laid-back lifestyle, the Mediterranean island with something for everyone! Whatever you're looking for, whether you're a young professional or a high-profile executive, a single or a family, or a retiree, you'll find it here: long sandy beaches, traditional mountain villages, a unique cultural heritage, incomparable flavours, and cosmopolitan nightlife.

Cyprus, a popular tourist destination and the world's fifth-best relocation destination, offers plenty of opportunities to experience something new, interesting, and exciting every day. Taste the many culinary traditions and famous products, as well as the fresh fruits and vegetables and wine.

Take part in unique activities, events, and customs, such as scuba diving, horseback riding, and watersports like parasailing, jet-skiing, wakeboarding, and sailing. Visit places of unique historical and cultural interest, such as the country’s archaeological sites, Venetian buildings and gothic cathedrals.

Are you looking to invest in premium Cyprus Property? SOHO Resort is the opportunity you’ve been looking for, ticking all the boxes for a promising and safe investment. Its location, construction quality, innovative character, and luxurious interior guarantee you get more for your money and that you are part of an elite experience.

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