The island

Cyprus is an EU country that feels like an exotic island! A “golden-green leaf thrown into the Sea”, in the words of the Greek Cypriot poet Leonidas Malenis and the birthplace of Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of beauty, Cyprus is the third largest Mediterranean island.

Nestled between three continents and at a cultural, linguistic, and historic crossroads between Europe and Asia, Cyprus comprises tall mountains, fertile valleys, and a 640-km coastline with long sandy beaches.

With Nicosia being the country’s capital, Limassol and Paphos are the trailing two largest cities on the island.

Cyprus, a country of impeccable natural beauty and rich culture, is considered the ideal choice for investment and business opportunities because it is an advanced, high-income economy, a member of the EU & eurozone, with a very high health standard and very low crime rate.

Cyprus is the perfect option for ex-pats, as the English language is widely spoken, and the country is well-known for its excellent educational system.


Location - Southern Europe


EU Member Since 2004


Language Greek


English widely spoken


Mediterranean Climate


Currency - Euro


Blessed with a warm Mediterranean climate, Cyprus enjoys as many as 340 days and an average of 2,700 to 3,500 hours of sunshine every year.

December in Cyprus has more sunshine than an average May in London!

With average temperatures of 12C˚ in winter and 33C˚ in summer, Cyprus experiences hot, dry summers and mild winters, with the usual snowfalls at the top of the Troodos Mountains.


Experience the laid-back lifestyle of Cyprus, the Mediterranean island that has something for everyone! Whatever you are looking for, whether you're a young professional or a high-profile executive, a single or a family, or a retiree, you will find it here: long sandy beaches, traditional mountain villages, a unique cultural heritage, incomparable flavours, and cosmopolitan nightlife.

A popular tourist destination and the 5th best global relocation destination, Cyprus provides ample opportunity to experience something new, compelling and exciting every day. Taste the numerous culinary traditions and products, the fresh fruits and vegetables, and its famous wine.

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