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Soho Resort

Soho Resort is a unique residential resort and a celebrated Pafos landmark located at the city’s most privileged waterfront location. Consisting of two towers - the residential West Tower with 15 floors and the under-construction boutique hotel on the East Tower with 16 floors - this resort is set to be the highest building in the city. Beautifully designed, the project will feature in total 118 apartments, 20 spacious and luxurious villas, as well as 12 shops.

The architecture of this eagerly anticipated development includes organic lines and natural curves topped with the towers’ elegant futuristic silhouette that reflects a sense of luxury and comfort, and stands out without disturbing the surrounding landscape. Interior elements encompass high-quality materials and elegant finishes to combine maximum design with exceptional technical performance. Each of the 118 fully furnished and turnkey equipped apartments will have its own terrace, where residents will be able to enjoy the unobstructed sea views, the golden Mediterranean sunsets, and spend quality time with family and friends. As for the resort’s 20 spectacular and spacious villas, they are considered the truly exceptional choice for the discerning resident who only seeks the best. Their contemporary design will captivate you with its ample open spaces, while its premium specifications and luxurious embellishments will inspire an opulent sense of living.

The residences accommodate a gym, a spa, a swimming pool, sports facilities, a park, a playground and stunning gardens - all essential commodities that invite relaxation and a comfortable lifestyle. Additionally, the resort will be surrounded by luxury hotels, nightlife, schools, university and hidden gems to be discovered. The breathtaking views of Pafos seafront, the harbour with its picturesque castle, and the panoramic views of the vibrant city add the perfect lasting touches to an already stunning project.

Overall, Soho Resort presents an ideal opportunity for a promising and safe investment. Combining a unique and beautiful beachfront location, with a high-quality construction, innovative development and luxurious interiors, this residential resort guarantees a no-risk, income-producing investment all in one project.


Pafos International Airport

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Pafos Harbour

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Project Overview

  • Energy Efficiency Category: A
  • Luxury apartments on the West Tower
  • Luxury Boutique Hotel on the East Tower
  • 20 Luxurious Villas in the surrounding area

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