Pafos, the birthplace of goddess Aphrodite, a cosmopolitan city with strong economic development, and a natural wonder. Situated in southwest Cyprus and one of the country’s largest cities, Pafos boasts a mild Mediterranean climate that makes it the ideal place to live. Included on the UNESCO World Heritage List and a European Capital of Culture for 2017, the city is well-known for its rich cultural and natural wealth. An ancient, yet vibrant modern city with low crime rates, excellent international schools, and universities, and home to the country's second-largest airport, ready to welcome new and old friends, tourists, travellers and everyone searching for their new home.


Location - Southwest of Cyprus


High standard education


Excellent Economic Infrastructure


Lifestyle-Safe and friendly environment


Healthcare-excellent public & private system

The Crown Jewel of Cyprus’ Culture

Pafos is the acclaimed crown jewel of Cyprus, a picturesque coastal city, rich in history and culture, yet offering a wealth of modern amenities. As a designated UNESCO heritage site, Paphos is home to many archaeological sites of great interest with remains from the Neolithic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman periods. In point of fact, the mosaics of Nea Pafos are among the most beautiful in the world, whilst the city was named European Capital of Culture in 2017. Under the slogan "linking continents-bridging cultures” and its “Open Air Factory” central concept, the organization of Pafos 2017 aimed to create a shared space open to communication, collaboration, tolerance, acceptance, encouragement and inclusion of different cultures, ideas and beliefs.

A relaxed lifestyle

Celebrate every day

When it comes to the art of living every day to the fullest, Pafos has more than a lot to offer. From crystal-clear waters and long sandy beaches to its majestic countryside, the region invites you to immerse yourself in nature. But its main attraction is nonetheless the country’s warm and hospitable people. Fluent in English and always welcoming, it’s no wonder why the city is becoming more and more popular among the digital nomad and online entrepreneur community. Whether you are moving to Cyprus to retire, or you are a young and free ex-pat looking for a better quality of life, or even if you have children and want to integrate them into the local community, there is so much to experience in and around the Pafos area for people of all ages.

A gastronomical and nightlife heaven

With an abundance of dining options, rich coffee culture and award winning nightclubs, one can only expect the best from Pafos. Enjoy the water-side dining in restaurants, tavernas and elegant bistros with local or internationally acclaimed cuisine. Sip your coffee at a local traditional or fashionable cafe. Dance your heart away in clubs with international DJs. Or visit one of the many cultural festivals, theatrical performances and galleries, and be part of the city’s never-ending cultural scene.